Friday, June 09, 2006




This new U.S. Patent Pending invention promises to solve most of Earth's present and future energy needs with safe, non-explosive, thermonuclear fusion.

This is a heat generator, which has no moving parts. It is designed to drive turbo-electric power systems at maximum efficient capacity. It runs by controlling the fusion of cheap, cheap, cheap hydrogen ions (obtained from pure water), and generates no waste stream or pollution of any kind.
The U.S. Patent Office has accepted my Provisional Patent Application. I am offering to sell 100% of the exclusive foreign Patent Rights, including all manufacturing and licensing rights in foreign jurisdictions, to an investor, manufacturer, or bidder, in each country outside the U.S.A.

It is Albert Einstein who actually deserves the credit for this invention. This invention is nothing more than a physical expression of Einstein’s paradigm mass-to-energy conversion equation, discovered and published in 1905. When E=mc² is applied to slow hydrogen ion fusion, the projected economic efficiency dwarfs all other known forms of practical energy production.

If the current design is manufactured in the form of a small, portable power unit, it can be calculated that a mere teacup of cheap hydrogen ions (stored as 2 cups of ordinary pure water) will fuel the family automobile, yacht and airplane for a lifetime, with zero pollution.

This U.S. Patent Application can be viewed at:

Robert Churchill MacElvain, Inventor

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